Is Gabapentin safe in pregnancy ?

Is Gabapentin an anticonvulsant medication suitable for a pregnant woman?

Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant medicine to treat seizures and neuron related pain in humans and animals. It is a food and drug administration, or FDA approved drug in the USA. It is available as over the counter medicine only. Through online drug stores, the people ordering through online channels must show the prescription to get them as door delivery. However, the FDA does not recommend Gabapentin in pregnancy. Here, we have discussed the reasons and side effects of Gabapentin during pregnancy.

Gabapentin Exemption during Pregnancy

A woman under epilepsy treatment will take sufficient dosage of Gabapentin daily. However, when such a woman becomes pregnant, they are advised to continue Gabapentin medication. Any women being pregnant while taking medicines for epilepsy treatment must inform their physician. They will reduce the Gabapentin dosage gradually. It is because; Gabapentin withdrawal will cause severe side effects.  If a pregnant woman takes Gabapentin 100 mg daily, she might consume a lesser dosage later on such that the last medication will come to Gabapentin 10 mg. Gabapentin in tablet or solution forms is reduced in the same manner to a pregnant woman.

Diabetes Treatment during Pregnancy

Gabapentin is a preferred drug to curb neuropathic pain in a diabetic patient. If a woman with diabetes becomes pregnant, they must inform it to their doctor. It will help you to consider Gabapentin for nerves related pain. Your doctor will reduce the Gabapentin doses gradually. However, they will not stop Gabapentin prescription all of a sudden. It is due to the withdrawal effect of Gabapentin drug. Thus, a doctor might prescribe Gabapentin during the first three trimesters. The fact is a pregnant woman without diabetic history can become diabetic during pregnancy from the third trimester. However, they will not be affected by neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain occurs when a woman has pro-longed high-levels of blood sugar. Such a woman might not have taken any medicines for diabetes. Some of them might be necessary to take insulin apart from diabetic medication.

Cancer Treatment during Pregnancy

Gabapentin is prescribed as a pain killer for cancer treatment. A pregnant woman with any cancer must consult with their doctor if they are pregnant while under cancer treatment. Gabapentin 300 mg might be prescribed for such a patient, which is a higher dosage for an adult woman. However, it is not a recommended dose for them during pregnancy. However, your doctor might reduce the Gabapentin dosage within a month. It will help to reduce the Gabapentin withdrawal effect and its side effects.

Side Effects of Gabapentin

A pregnant woman might feel severe headaches, stomach pain, and dizziness after taking Gabapentin drug to cure any of the diseases mentioned above. Some of them might find their skin and eyes becoming yellow while under Gabapentin medication and being pregnant.

Gabapentin in pregnancy has not any proven clinical evidence to show it affects a fetus and a pregnant woman. However, a precaution is taken to reduce the side effect of Gabapentin for a pregnant woman.

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