Xanax, Its Treatment and Side Effects

One must not get confused with the name white bar as a milky chocolate bar. Xanax white bar is a prescription-only drug to treat generalized anxiety disorder. The color of this medicine is white, and it is in a bar shape. It can be broken and consumed orally in pieces each measuring 2-mg. Pfizer manufactures this medicine. They distribute through authorized retail and online channels. You must not purchase counterfeit Xanax White Bar from the underground market or unauthorized online medical stores. Such bad practice will cause severe side effects. Its generic name is Alprazolam.

Uses of Xanax

A physician may prescribe this medicine to cure depression. It acts like an Antianxiety Agent, Anxiolytics, benzodiazepines, and tranquillizer.

To Treat Anxiety

Xanax has proved to cure anxiety in children and adults. It relaxes the central nervous system. In this way, an anxiety patient gets well soon after consuming Xanax White Bar as prescribed by the doctor. The dosage will differ with age, sex, and present state of anxiety with a patient.

To Treat Panic Disorder

People suffering from panic disorder can be cured with Xanax White Bar. By this, sever panic feeling symptoms can be reduced vastly. Such a patient’s heartbeat will be normal by taking this medication in a proper treatment plan.

To Treat Depression

People suffering from depression are prescribed Xanax White Bar. Such a patient has found to be cured within a proper treatment plan. Her, physician increase and decrease the Xanax dosage such that a patient will not feel any withdrawal effect.

Side Effects

Blurred Vision
Cognitive Dysfunction
Decreased Appetite
Decreased Libido
Difficulty in Micturition
Increased Appetite
Increased Libido
Memory Impairment
Muscle Twitching
Sexual Disorder
Skin Rash
Weight Gain
Weight Loss
Caution before use

The FDA has not approved Xanax medicine to a pregnant woman and lactating woman. It is dangerous for the mother and fetus. It will help you if you do not consume them if you are conceived. You must discuss with your doctor, who might change the medicine if you suffer from any types of anxiety disorders.

Over dosage

An over dosage of Xanax can cause addiction to consume them daily. In a case study, some patients feel relaxed after taking Xanax daily.
Withdrawal Effect

A patient can get Seizures if he or she withdrawal consuming Xanax White Bar. However, a physician increase and decrease Xanax dosage to reduce the withdrawal effect of this medicine. If a patient misses a dosage, they must not consume them together at one time.

A doctor might prescribe Xanax White Bar with other medication too. One must not consume them if they feel pleasant after taking this medicine. It is advisable to meet your physician and take this medicine to cure Anxiety if you feel once again after being cured.

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Showing all 2 results