F.A.Q. – Butalbital

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Butalbital a controlled substance ?

Butalbital is listed by the U.S Drug social control Agency as a Schedule III drug, which means that it’s a moderate potential for abuse, the event of physical dependence, and addiction.

Butalbital may be a drug within the category called barbiturates, central system nervous depressants that are used for variety of various reasons, however most frequently within the treatment of hysteria, pain, and seizures. additionally, barbiturates are typically used as sedatives.

Barbiturates aren’t any longer prescribed as oft as they once were thanks to their potential for abuse, the event of physical dependence, and drug. Instead, different medications, like the benzodiazepines, are thought-about to be frontline treatments for conditions that barbiturates were once ordinarily used for.

Butalbital, like different barbiturates, produces a sense of high spirits that’s related to feeling relaxed, freed from stress, and nearly as if one is intoxicated on alcohol. This sense of relaxation and high spirits contributes to its ability to treat severe headaches, however conjointly contributes to its potential as a drug of abuse.

Butalbital is a medication prescribed by doctors and is recommended only when headache torture is much more than the capacity of individual and Butalbital is not a controlled substance.