What is gabapentin, Its Uses and Abuses?
Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant drug, which is given to treat various health disorders in human and animals. It is a food and drug administration, or FDA approved drug in the USA. Since 1993, Pfizer manufactures this medicine. Gabapentin’s other trade name is Neurontin. It is used as oral medicine. Gabapentin was first available as a generic medicine. However, it was restricted as over the counter or OTC medicine, when it’s one of the side effects was like suicidal one. Here, we will discuss Gabapentin uses and abuse. you can buy gabapentin no prescription from our website.
Gabapentin Uses
Gabapentin is prescribed as a frontline medicine and one of the combinations of the drug to treat the below-mentioned health disorders in humans.
Anxiety Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Diabetic Neuropathy
Hot Flashes
Kidney Disease
Neuropathic Pain
Partial Seizures
Post herpetic Neuralgia
Restless Legs Syndrome (RSL)


People with diabetic neuropathy will have RSL, as one of the symptoms of Type-II diabetes. The use of Gabapentin has helped to reduce RSL and pain related to nerve pain. Hence, this drug is used as pain medication, and to cure never disorder. Low kidney function is also caused due to diabetes. Gabapentin is prescribed for renal failure for people suffering from Type I and Type II diabetes.

Menstrual Disorders

Feeling anxiety and finding red or hot flash on a woman face is related to the menstrual disorder. The use of Gabapentin has helped to reduce anxiety and hot flash on the face. Yet, it is useful to a woman with delayed periods, fibroids, and vaginal infection.

Neurological Disorders

Gabapentin is a notable medicine to cure Epilepsy, Bipolar Disorder, and Partial Seizures. It has shown significant improvement in adult and older people.
Gabapentin Abuses
An insurance company in the USA has researched on medication undergone by the people who have committed suicide. Their findings were such people were under Gabapentin medication at the time of suicide or attempting to suicide. Hence, a few of the states declared Gabapentin as prescription-only medicine. However, there is no solid proof that a patient taking Gabapentin will tempt to do suicide. However, a few medical researchers said it would cause behavioral changes, which are aggressive in nature.

Feeling dizziness after taking Gabapentin is one of the side effects of this medicine. Such a patient might consult their doctor and inform about this side effect.

A pregnant woman must to take Gabapentin in prescribed dosage only after doctors prescription are. It can affect the fetus and the mother too.
Over Dosage
An overdose of Gabapentin will cause diarrhea, drowsiness, and pain in the nerve. An over dosage of Gabapentin can cause death too.
Withdrawal of Alcohol and Smoking
The alcoholic and regular smoking patients have reported throwing of legs and nervousness while under Gabapentin treatment.

Gabapentin is a useful medicine to cure the above-mentioned health disorders. It is advisable to buy the original Gabapentin from authorized online medical stores and retail, medical stores. It will help you if you consult your physician and take Gabapentin in the right dosage.

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